Discover and Understand Biodiversity through DNA

Become part of the largest biodiversity genomics initiative ever undertaken.


Introducing LifeScanner, a tool for local discovery and global knowledge

We live in a biologically diverse world that we do not always recognize, but it is still there, affecting our lives and impacted by our actions. LifeScanner is an app for iPhone and iPad devices designed to help people discover the diversity of living organisms around them and to help them contribute to a global knowledge-base on biological diversity. Use the app to learn about the species you encounter - from the food you eat to the bugs in your garden.

By providing access to scientific records in an easy-to-use platform, LifeScanner allows non-scientists to browse and access species information to educate or help make informed decisions. While enjoying the backyard, hiking on a trail, or a day at the beach, users can look up the species found in their region and in other parts of the world.

Order the LifeScanner DNA species identification kit to identify organisms around you using DNA Barcoding technology. Identify what you're eating, what's in your garden, or in your home.